Brace yourself for super powered adventure!

Encounter heroes, villains, mad scientists, gangsters, vigilantes, femme fatales, and all the whiz-bang fun of a classic comic book. Follow the exploits of the Zero-Men; an elite unit charged with protecting the world from all sorts of extraordinary threats. Tales of the Zero-Men is a well fleshed out setting using the 2nd edition Mutants and Masterminds rules by Green Ronin. The campaign initially ran for over a year and inspired a webcomic project. Both are on hiatus, but you can read the fabulous first issue here

In this database you’ll find…
  • information on the campaign setting including Monument City where the Zero-Men themselves are based.
  • character bios of the Zero-Men, their allies, and their deadly enemies.
  • information on weapons, devices, vehicles, and more used in the setting.
  • a log of every adventure including backstory from the initial run of the campaign.


Tales of the Zero-Men

Captain zero poster JeremyHenson