Lord Null

Evil dictator of Eisenlund and arch enemy of Captain Zero.


Rudolph Zeighurst Null began his career as a brilliant young physicist in World War II. He idolized Adolph Hitler as a boy and longed for his homeland of Eisenlund to be a part of the Third Reich. He wanted to give his Führer a super-weapon capable of winning the war. Following the fall of Nazi Germany, he worked for a brief time with the United States. Following denazification he moved back home only to find it overrun by communists.

Null secretly began developing plans to start World War III between the super-powers. He wanted to continue his quest for Hitler’s super-weapon and turn it on the world, destroying the super powers and leaving the world free to rebuild – free for Null to inherit the earth and continue Hitler’s work. In the deepest reaches of the Eisenlund forests, he built a laboratory. It is here where the story of Richard Abner begins. Abner, a captured US Marine, had been Null’s first successful test to unlock the human potential in a super-soldier. Abner escaped and became Captain Zero. Zero then became assigned to taking Null down. For twenty years afterwards they were enemies.

In 1991 Null successfully led a military coup of Eisenlund. He became dictator and joined the United Nations in the wake of the Soviet bloc’s collapse. Eisenlund became an ally of the United States, thus ending Captain Zero’s war.

Today, Null again is on the move. He has shed his diplomatic immunity and again threatens freedom.

Lord Null

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