Doctor Impossible

A more modern Prometheus.


The enigmatic Doctor Impossible claims to be nothing but a humble man of science, albeit one who stumbled upon the greatest discovery in human history: unlimited zero-point energy. With it, he plans to usher in a golden age for mankind by building generators capable of powering major cities. None know his true name. Only recently has he revealed himself to the world. It appears his reputation proceeds him; he is connected well enough to hold secret meetings with top members of the United States military and foreign heads of state alike.

It is Doctor Impossible who causes Gadget and Captain Zero to come out of retirement when Lord Null sets his sights on using the Doctor’s discovery to instigate World War III. Together with Impossible’s bodyguards, two genetically engineered super-beings named Aries and Athena, the Zero-Men hope to spare mankind from total destruction in the hopes for a better tomorrow.

Doctor Impossible

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